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July 07, 2010


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Problem 1. Anssi Vanjoki is an idiot. Remember, this is a man that told the world that superior Nokia cameraphones would mean they would never again have to carry around those clumsy oversize DSLR's. He is not known for his insight or acuity.

Problem 2. Anssi Vanjoki may be an idiot, but he's the only one among Nokia's senior management with a detectable personality. Journalists will therefore turn to him time after time for the quote.

Problem 3. Nokia have pinned their hopes for future competitiveness around MeeGo, but there is no MeeGo story. Nobody is holding their breath waiting for yet another mobile operating system. It would be better for Nokia to license Android, honestly, but pride and ego will prevent this from ever happening.

In fact camera phones have caused problems for many camera manufacturers who are no longer anywhere near as successful as they used to be - the main impact of camera phones has in fact been a significant increase in the amount of still and video taken though - so there has been a significant increase in the market.

I don't agree with point 3 though - Nokia need to differentiate, and picking "the same" OS as their competitors won't help here - I would much rather see Nokia focus on creating great products for consumers that really meet their needs, and explaining this simply to consumers - consumers don't really care what the OS is, but do care "what does the device do for me" - remember the first generation of iPhone didn't do 3G, nor did it have ANY applications, at a time when Nokia devices did both - you don't have to have more features than the competition to beat them.

Matt, my point is about physics, optics. No phone lens is ever going to replace the glass on a DSLR. If Anssi Vanjoki does not understand this, he has no business speaking to the press.

Lpx02X Good point. I hadn't thought about it quite that way. :)

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