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January 12, 2009


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Your article is very informative and the use of graphics adds to the understanding of the process. I think some of his sentences are too long, and missing commas are minor. One thing I learned, never end a sentence with a preposition.

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Apple unveiled iOS 5, the cloud-friendly operating system that will soon reside inside current and future iPhones, there was speculation that the iPhone 5 would look almost exactly like the iPhone 4. The innards would be different, but most people could simply swath iPhone 5’s in the same cases as their previously adored iPhone 4s.IPhone App Development

Thanks for the review! I agree with you regarding the limitations of the built-in tools when it comes to time tracking. If you’re finding that OmniFocus is more complex than you need you might give Things a try. Things is my task manager of choice and I find it’s a joy to use. There’s plenty of functionality under the hood (including repeating tasks), and it never seems to get in the way.

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